Here there be monsters

The world known as Lanthalon is mearly an archipelago extending off of a much larger continent known as Mortulas, or “The Dead Lands.” Very little is known about the outside world beyond the edges of the maps, and any knowledge was lost forever when The Arival finally ended over a milennia ago. Lanthalon is made of numerous satellite islands surrounding five centeral islands. The fact that in more than two milennia Lanthalon remains primarily wilderness, despite the influx of millions of non-elves durring The Arival, gives scale to the vastness of these islands.

The Big Five

Lanthalon Proper



Seet Morthas

Qwyntha Lyas

Notable Islands

Feywylde Isle

Arad Lyas

Bodies of Water

Burning Sea

Harrowing Sea

Frostmoon Sea

Here there be monsters

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